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Why icicle lights are out and snowflake lights are in

October 28, 2009

Icicle lights were the big thing for the last couple years but here’s what’s next. On our website, you will see lots of ideas for linkable or light links.



What is permanent holiday lighting?

October 20, 2009

How can holiday lighting be perRed & Warm White ChannelBritemanent? Is my house going to look like the neighbor’s house who never took down their holiday lights and up close, you can see the green strings of lights? Well, now there is a great permanent option. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives sells and completely installs a channel of lighting that subtlety attaches to your roof line and is turned on by a light switch when you want your holiday lighting on!

This installation uses warm red Christmas lights combined with warm white Christmas lights. The lights are on a strip that is controlled by a switch inside your garage or home. This is the great part. You can turn on just the red lights, just the white lights, or both. You can turn them on to blink or to chase. You choose the combination and effect from your control panel based on your desire. The white lights are great for other times of the year.


The lighting strip is professional installed on your roofline. Finally, no ladders. It’s subtle and discreet. When turned off, it blends well and is barely noticeable unless someone is looking for it. Here is what the strip looks like:

Here is how permanent white holiday lighting looks: